"Tribulation." What's this about?

Most students of prediction judge in a instance of "trouble". It is very well recognizable by sacred writing and Jesus and John:

Prophet Jeremiah in his 30th chapter sees a impending era he calls "Jacob's Trouble" (Jeremiah 30:7). The remark is to the father of the Jewish nation, a man besides renowned as Israel. He says that this circumstance will be unexampled in its devastation, the self article an angel who appears in the wording of the thinker Daniel says around a "time of trouble" coming to the planet, in society next to resurrections and judgments (Daniel 12:1-3). In other words, this visitation fundamental measure is the commencement of the end of all material possession as we know them today.

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That selfsame procession of idea is recurrent by Jesus in Matthew 24:21. Here the statement is "tribulation", but that is simply other written record of the same Greek expression translated "trouble" in opposite passages. Jesus too is tongued of the end of all things, which he says in half a shake follows this affliction. And John's Book of Revelation describes the horrors of God's wrath, exploit no lack of faith to the student that the event he describes is as well the juncture of the end.

Now what do Bible teachers plan by "Pre"- or "post"- tribulation?

There is quite a lot of starring discord approaching. Unprecedented. Final. And, there's a "snatching up" , a "catching away", a "rapture" future too. The unbroken feature we agreement next to here is , Which comes first, the trouble, or the flight? If one believes the transmissible up is first, he is a "pre-tribulation rapturist", whether he outstandingly likes such as a description or not. If he believes the raptus is after the visitation and in fact a bit of the ordinal upcoming of Jesus,

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He is "post-trib."

Sadly, the priestly is in earnest forficate on this issue? There are those who will not accept the time or ministry of folks on the "other side" of this communication. How that came to passing is a entrancing chamber but must be inhibited for another example.

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